The addition of a conservatory has become one of the most beautiful, practical and valuable investments when choosing to increase the space within your home. Regardless of your individual choice or requirement for the conservatory, Windows 2000 (North) will be sure to design and manufacture a conservatory perfect for your needs. 

Enhanced Beauty

No matter what you use your conservatory for, whether it is simply a relaxation room, an office or a play room for the kids, the style of conservatory that you choose will be perfect for your home. Our styles range from the classical Victorian, right through to one-off, customer bespoke designs.


Windows 2000 (North) offers the following styles of conservatory :

Victorian - This classical conservatory design gives a rounded appearance. The degree to which the design is rounded is entirely your own choice.

Georgian - This fresh and effortless style is a simple box shape conservatory which is suitable on any style of home.

Sunroom - A sunroom is ideal for use with any building, especially those with height restrictions such as a bungalow.

Bespoke Designs - This full range of designs can be customized to any shape or style. Some of the most common layouts are the 'P-Shape' conservatory layout or the 'T-Shape' conservatory layout. The advantage of bespoke designs means that a conservatory is always an option in any home. Talk to us today to discuss your exact needs.

Range of Colours

Our full range of conservatories is available in White, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood as well as our full colour range.


Our conservatories will keep heat within the room, whilst keeping the noise out. The highest specification safety features in every conservatory will also ensure that you feel as safe as possible within your house.

Peace of Mind

Full glass conservatories will be installed and fitted with safety glass which will not shatter should an accident occur. This offers you reassurance within your conservatory, especially if you plan to use the conservatory as play room. Conservatories with dwarf walls will only be fitted with safety glass if the wall is less than 800mm high, although you should discuss the options with us when deciding on your exact layout.

Reduced Maintenance

Every conservatory requires the minimum of maintenance. Dirty sections can be easily cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid and any moving parts within the conservatory would require just a light oiling once or twice a year to ensure smooth operation.

Life Expectancy

the profile used within the manufacture of the conservatories has an estimated life expectancy of 25 years, although this is often underestimated and is likely to exceed 30 years.